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Online learning, digital publishing, online training, hosting, technical and web design and development services to the education, corporate, social justice  and professional sectors.


We have built website for educational organisations, online training platforms, e-commerce sites, sites for associations and special interest groups and site for corporations and charities. We would be happy to talk through your requirements with you and map out a digital website solution that suits your needs.

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We make sure that your digital publishing strategy covers desktop, laptop, mobile and, if necessary, social media and  apps. Planning a multi-channel and multi-platform digital strategy is an essential part of how we make sure that your message reaches the widest audience possible in the most effective way on any device your visitors are using.

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We have designed, built, developed and maintained custom online learning and training systems for global organisations as well as independent colleges, language schools and corporations.

In 2018 we launched praxLearn™, our rapid deployment online learning system for organisations. You can be up and running in a few hours. It can carry your own branding, is fully scalable, comes with tiered and cost-effective pricing plans and gives you full control over your course creation and student management.


Wordpress is a very powerful and flexible and extendable framework for us to build your website on. It is used by around 25% of all internet websites and has hundreds of adaptive possibilities to suit specific business, educational or charity requirements .

By using Wordpress we can cut the development and design cost by up to 75% and have your site up and running in a far shorter time than for a complete custom build.

praxMatrix specialises in building and programming web applications with Wordpress and our programmers are experienced Wordpress plugin developers who can extend any Wordpress installation to suit your particular needs.

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We provide a full range of hosting and technical services for our clients making praxMatrix the only supplier you need for design, development and hosting of your website.

We also offer technical services including domain name registration, DNS management, server management, backups, and security monitoring of your digital applications and websites.

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We provide on-site or online training  and consultancy covering a wide range of topics including: online course development, how to use Wordpress, developing social media policies, translation and translation issues for your global audiences, effective use of online tools, essential design skills for e-learning content developers and many more. Contact us for a complete topic list.

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